is a brand new website featuring several tools designed to get an edge when trading on the BSC.

The website is ready and will be released as soon as the $MOONARCH token is made available.

This token, on top of unlocking the full potential of the, also has a deflationary model: this will make it a great asset to have in your wallet.



Top gainers

This section lists the coins that gain the most value in the past 5/10/30/60 minutes (unlock 15sec and 1min with Premium!). The figures are refreshed every 15 seconds.

This feature allows to you to see which coins are currently mooning to try and catch the train (well... the rocket).

Like in the other sections of the site, each line has icons that allow to quickly access the token on BSCScan, on PooCoin for the chart, and on PancakeSwap to buy.


This section lists the tokens you have on your wallet, along with their current value ($/BNB) and their recent performance (like in Top gainers).

This allows you to track your networth at a glance, but also is very powerful to see which of your coins are gaining/losing value and maybe decide to take profits or buy more.

Whale watch

In this section you can add addresses that you find interesting to monitor. For example because they were early in a very successful coin (who wouldn't have wanted to buy SafeMoon on day 1?) and might do it again, or because they invest huge amounts and can influence a coin's destiny on their own.

This allows you to find out about promising coins early, by watching whales' transactions in real time and reacting to them.

PooCoin Un-Vetted alert

The PooCoin promotions have gained a lot of attention lately, every new token is mooning afterwards. Moonarch allows you to be among the first to notice the new promotion: No shenanigans, just efficiency!

Token events

This section lists the last tokens to become tradable on PancakeSwap. A now classic feature that is a natural component of the Moonarch dashboard.

A little twist has been added: the contracts being renounced (ownership sent to 0x00..00) are also listed here.

Why should you invest?

First, $MOONARCH is a great deflationary token with tokenomics designed to make it strive like many have done lately.

But on top of this good base, it is a token with a goal: unlocking premium features on a website that might become successful. New features are already in the works for the coming days/weeks.

Contrary to a lot of other tokens, this is not a promise of a vague project coming out in six months: the website is available and working NOW!

To get an idea of where $MOONARCH could go, here is the current marketcap of some other BSC tools (some of them are not even released!):